Basic TLOU Info & Server Lore

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Basic TLOU Info & Server Lore

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If you are unfamiliar with The Last of Us, it is set many years after a worldwide outbreak of the fungal-based Cordyceps Brain Infection (CBI). People that breath infected spores, or come into contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person will eventually lose control of their body and attack others. The time it takes for this to happen can range from a few hours to a couple days. "Runners" are the first stage of hostile infected. After a few years, they will become "clickers", which are very strong but blinded and horribly disfigured by the fungus. Infected called "stalkers" are in-between runners and clickers.

In the United States, martial law was declared, and soon most of the government was shutdown except for the Federal Disaster Response Agency (FEDRA) and the U.S. military. FEDRA took control of the armed forces and established safe-areas in cities called "Quarantine Zones", where as many civilians as possible were evacuated. These QZs became dictatorships, causing a rebel group calling themselves the Fireflies to form, their goal being to defeat FEDRA and restore lawful government.

It's now 20 years after the initial outbreak. The majority of the Quarantine Zones have been abandoned, leaving only a handful across the United States. Most survivors living outside the last functional cities are hostile towards others, being forced to kill for supplies. The Fireflies are still fighting the military in a few of the zones that remain, some of which are also starting to fall apart.



This roleplay takes place in the still-operational Philadelphia QZ. Rations are starting to run low, and hungry civilians have started thinking that the military is keeping food for themselves. The city's atmosphere is very restrictive and dictatorial, with soldiers dealing with crimes very harshly. Civilians are conscripted for work duties inside the zone, but also for dangerous outside work duty as well. The QZ has many defenses in order to keep out the infected, as well as "stagglers", which are any survivors from outside the zone. The Fireflies have a presence here, hoping to make the city's population rise up and overthrow FEDRA. There is also a black market and gangs of criminals such as smugglers operating in the city as well.

Right now, the zone seems stable- but nobody knows how long that'll last.


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